How to register your courses in your portal

The following are the steps to follow to register your courses in your portal.

  1. Visit the ITS Student Portal.
  2. Login with your student number and pin (5 digit pin).
  3. Click on the 3 lined button at the right corner on your portal. 
  4. A menu with student web and logout appears.
  5. Click Registration then
  6. Click on Rules and Regulations and accept by ticking the acceptance box.
  7. Click on Submit Registration.
  8. Scroll down to select save and continue.
  9. Select continue from the newly opened page
  10. Click on Accept Registration to finish your online Registration successfully.
  11. Select Proof of Registration - PDF and click on the Document
  12. Download the file and print two copies. Send all the two copies to the administrator of your department for endorsement.
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